The film “Epilog” is selected for the Belgium Film Festival, which will be held online during 05-12.December 2020. You can get online access here.

“ConcertPerformance OSZILOT

Luc und Rolf will give a concert, 4.December 2020, 20:00, Herdernstrasse 56, Zurich - during the “Best-Of-Visarte at ArtCon”.


The film “Epilog” is shown in the “International Louis Le Prince Competition”, which will be held online during 03-19.November 2020.

“THE GAME”wins a price for best Editing

The Sulmona International Film Festival 2020 in Italy honours the Editing of “THE GAME”
“For the ability to use the editing as a second (and perhaps first) direction, developing multiple dramaturgical points of view and inspiring the viewer through a precise design with great narrative balance.”

“THE GAME” also won the price for “Best Short Documentary”.

“DIRT DEVIL 550 XS”International Premiere at CURTA CINEMA in RIO DE JANEIRO

The film “Dirt Devil 550 XS” participates in the brazilian film festival, which will be held online during 20-27.November 2020.


“THE GAME”World Premiere at BIENNALE in VENICE

The Documentary “The Game” will celebtrate its premiere at the 77th Venice International Film Festival 2020. 10.September 20:00.

Director: Roman Hodel
Editor: Rolf Hellat
Producer: Ensemble Film, Franziska Sonder

A whistle. The crowd roars. Players protest. In the middle of it, the referee. He decides - and directs the energy of an entire stadium. 


06.Nov 2020Expanded Cinema, Casino Theater, Winterthur, www.kurzfilmtage.ch

02.August 2020Les Digitales, Parc de Montbenon, Lausanne, www.lesdigitales.ch

24./25.Juli 2020

Hyperlokal, Grubenstrasse 39, Zurich, 21:00, www.hyperlokal.ch
A concert in which objects create a new form of oscillatory music.
Luc Gut and Rolf Hellat play sculpture instruments that use sensors to generate sound through their own oscillation. An archaic physical world is linked to digital sound synthesis.

OSZILOT invites you to reflect on the meaning of time, gravity and music.





3 Short FilmsKir Royal, Langstrasse 62, Zurich

17:00 Apéro
17:30 Short Films
18:15 Post-Apéro

„EPILOG“, fiction, 10 min, Director: Rolf Hellat
Von Auf- und Abgängen in einem überreifen Sonnenblumenfeld.

„RAKIJADA“, documentary, 19 min, Director: Nikolas Ilic
Durch die Schnappsolympiade in die serbische Seele. Ein beschwingter Film aus einem Dorf, das Widerstand leistet.

„22:47 BUS LINIE 34“, fiction, 10 min, Director: Michael Karrer
Nacht in einem Bus in dem die Stimmung kippt.