Mitglied (Member)
     Short film, fictional, 38min


A simple club meeting increasingly turns into an emotional battleground. Friendships that have lasted for years crumble. "Member" is a manifestation of everyday debates in the complex struggle for equality of sexes and respect.





Sabine Giorgina Hämmerli
Heiri Joachim Rittmeyer
Jonas Philipp Brunner
Katrin Annina Sonnenwald
Pierre Yann Schmidhalter


This film is fictional. The actresses and actors play imaginary characters in conceptual scenes that are improvised.


Produktion Catpics AG, Dario Schoch, Sarah Born, Rajko Jazbec

Sound Design Oscar Parcival van Hoogevest

Schnittberatung Daria Wild, Michael Karrer, Kathrin Füglister, Damaris Muriel, Luc Gut, Myriam Uzor, Justin Stoneham, Matthias Huser, Florian Müller, David Hasler, Nathalie Matter, Lukas Schmid

Regie, Kamera, Ton, Schnitt Rolf Hellat

it was impro-

-material for a Script
but it

became the movie