Rolf Hellat studied film at the ZHDK in Zurich. He attended an exchange program at the film institute of India in Pune for one year. Since then he has made fictional and documentary films as a director and editor, which have been shown at Palm Springs Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, among others. He is generally interested in everyday conflicts that are emblematic of larger controversies. He tries to understand connections between humans in all their diversity and desires humanity as a humble part of nature.

Currently he is working as a freelance director and editor on various long and short film projects ("Die Schalmeierin", "Savoir Vivre", "Teufelsstein", "Die Entdeckung der Zeit", "Mixed Feelings" and "Huhn und Ich").

In addition to his film work, he’s making music with sensor kinetic object instruments in the duo "Oszilot", which has performed pieces at the Kunsthaus Zurich and the Haus der Elektronischen Künste Basel, among other venues (www.oszilot.com).

He also spent time in the forests of Brazil working on an organic farming project, he played tenor recorder in paris sleeping on the streets or he tried to walk to spain with a donkey. Apart from that he founded Mictic, a startup in the field of audio augmented reality (www.mictic.com) and he created a brand for straw caps & hats called „LeTom“ (currently the “Risa” Hat Shop in Zurich)



Zurich, Switzerland



Based on a love story by Jaan & Brigitte