Coursework at the Filmschool Zurich ZhdK, 3 Min. How can noise be an element of musical design? A cinematographic experiment, that uses daily sounds in a harmonic way and shows them in everydays life.
The camera flies between buildings of a city accompanied by frequencies between 60 and 16000 Hertz.
Play with good speakers or headphones.
Actors Laurin Müller, Brigitte Hellat, Ulrich Ziegler, Minako Matsura, M.Cecconi, Sarah Husi, Brigitt Blaser Technicians Lorenz Bohler, Karpi, Daniel Steuri Director, DoP, Editor, Sounddesigner: Rolf Hellat

1.Preis Experimental- und Videofestival Videoex Zürich
Solothurner Filmtage

Toyota – Waku Doki


„Waku Doki“ Spot for Toyota Switzerland.

Producer Wirzfraefelpaal, Agency Wirz Corporate
Cinematography Jan Mettler, Editor Michelle Buol, Sound Jingle Jungle, Director Rolf Hellat

Director’s Cut, (50s):

Longversion (2min):

Making of:

LeTom – Concerto Crasso

Concerto Crasso Still

Final project at the film school zurich, ZhdK, www.letom.ch

Conductor Hans Ruchti Opera Singer Hanspeter Ulli, Rico Herold, Werner Biermeier Drummer Marco Käppeli Musicians Senioren Orchester Zürich
Director Rolf Hellat, DoP Jan Mettler, Editor Rolf Hellat, Andreas Arnheiter, Music Venetian Snares, DMX, MOP, Beethoven Sounddesigner Rolf Hellat concertocrasso_optionalsoundtrack

Watch the „making of“:

Thanks a lot for the music samples of Aaron Funk, www.venetiansnares.com and the rapper DMX as well as MOP,
and of course the good old Beethoven.

1.Price Slam Movie Night Bern 2010
Audience Award Int. Ravensburg Werbefilmfestival
Int. Filmfestival Shnit
Onedotzero.ch Digital Film Festival

IRF – Antenna DJ


Antenna DJ Jonas Oster Friend Alex Wildi , Producer Markenfilm Agency TBWA
Cinematography Jan Mettler, Music Heidi Happy, Sounddesigner Martin Stäheli, Rolf Hellat , Editor Rolf Hellat, Director / Story Rolf Hellat

Zoo Zurich


Sister Natanya Fromherz, Brother Jerome Fromherz,
Producer Markenfilm, Agency Advico Young & Rubicam, DoP Simon Huber, Editor & Director Rolf Hellat