Schützengarten Webisode

Schuetzengarten Webisode Still 03

„Nöd Jufle“-Facebook-Webisode for the Swiss Beer Brewery SCHÜTZENGARTEN.
Agency: Metzger Rottman Bürge, Michael Rottman, Dominic Wirz
Production: Shining Pictures, Leonardo Sanfilippo, André Agustoni
Actors: Tobias Fischer (Beni), Steve Devonas (Raffi), Kevin Oeler (Schmidi)
Cinematography: Jan Mettler
Director: Rolf Hellat

TCS – Even Without Car

TCS - Velo - Still Frame 04

„Even without car you can benefit from TCS“
Spots for Touring Club Switzerland.
Agency: Jung Von Matt – Rob Hartmann, Samuel Wicki, Vanessa Zwinselmann
Production: Who’s McQueen – Philipp & Clemens Petersson, Aminta Iseppi
Cinematography: Jan Mettler
Director: Rolf Hellat

DAB+ Digitalradio

DAB Werbung Still 03

Driver: Kevin Oeler
Neighbour Driver: Sebastian Kläy, Joseph Sevinc
Living Room Listener: Holger Lemke
Living Room Wife: Patrizia Tondo
Client: SRG, MCDT, Ford, Brack, Melecronics
Agency: Scholz & Friends
Film Production: Stories
Cinematography: Jan Mettler
Director: Rolf Hellat

Swiss Air Lines – Brazil Reunion


Marcio, a brazilian, who is grown up in switzerland, meets his relatives in brazil. A surprise for everyone. Swiss Airlines gifted him the flights. 90s.
A „documercial“ for the „Seats for Switzerland“ series.

Family The Weissmüller’s, Marcio, Barbara, Cida and Johnny; Filmproduction Milchstrasse Filmproduktion, Philip Töpfer, Nico Kreis, Lena Weiss; Agency Publicis Schweiz, Urs Schrepfer, Benjamin Kägi, Daniel Ahrens; DoP Roland Stuprich; Director Rolf Hellat; Client Swiss International Air Lines AG

Zurich Insurance – „Epic Drama“

Zurich_Insurance_Ice_Hockey_Ad_50s_Epic_Drama 04

Agency FCB Zurich, Dennis Lück, Flavio Meroni, Nemi Gajic, Carmen Koell, Annika Hofmeester, Producer WirzFraefelPaal, Stefan Fraefel, Gabi Benz, Nina Wirth, DoP Jan Mettler, Director Rolf Hellat

One Shot „Haarscharf Daneben“, 32s

One Shot „Freud und Leid“, 32s

One Shot „Siegerkuss“, 32s

„Epic Drama“, Full Version, 50s

Zurich Insurance – Thief

Still Zurich Versicherung Spot 01

Swiss Wrestler Matthias Glarner; Thief Luzian Hirzel; Agency Draft FCB Lowe; Producer Wirzfraefelpaal ; Cinematography Jan Mettler; Editor Michelle von Buol; Director Rolf Hellat

Sunrise – MTV Home

MTV Home Still 09

Actors Elias Reichert, Raphael Tschudi, Fabian Villiger, Lotti Happle, Nadine Landert; Agency Draft FCB Lowe; Producer Wirzfraefelpaal Film Productions; Cinematography Jan Mettler; Director Rolf Hellat

Studio B

Studio B Standbild 01

Trailer of the 35mm Exercise, Exchange Semester at the Film and Television Institute Pune, India.

Mentally Disabled: Shubham Sharma
Daughter: Tapasi Mondal
Father: Uday Chandra
Screenplay/Director/Editor: Rolf Hellat
Cinematograper: Kaushik Mandal
Art Director: Donald Reagan Stanley, Anita Rajgopalan Lata

No I Will!

KK schminkt

A film collage about an Indian family searching for the proper formula for “love” and “marriage” while confronted with the rapidly changing culture in India. Payal (26) laments her arranged marriage. Koyal (18), her younger sister, rebels against their parents, searches for a husband on her own at a marriage office and amuses herself in a shopping centre. And Sham Despande criticises the noncommittal approach to relationships in the western culture. The discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages is omnipresent.

Director: Rolf Hellat
Protagonists: Koyal Bhattacharya, Payal, Shupti & Ranjit Bhattacharya, Rocky, Sham Despande,…

Course Work at the Filmschool Zurich, ZhdK, Film Department 2009.
Documentary Price – Alexis Thalberg Foundation.

Short Film Festival Winterthur


„Short but Fierce – Short Film Festival Winterthur“
At the Bar Tobias Fischer; Asian Fighter Fabian Segginger;
DoP Jan Mettler; Production Nina Wirth, WirzFraefelPaal;
Screenplay/Director Rolf Hellat

Here is the Soundtrack straightly (composed by Jingle Jungle, Fede; voice by Rolf Hellat; performed by „Partyband Passion“)
„I’ll Hammer You Down“