Coursework at the Filmschool Zurich ZhdK, 3 Min. How can noise be an element of musical design? A cinematographic experiment, that uses daily sounds in a harmonic way and shows them in everydays life.
The camera flies between buildings of a city accompanied by frequencies between 60 and 16000 Hertz.
Play with good speakers or headphones.
Actors Laurin Müller, Brigitte Hellat, Ulrich Ziegler, Minako Matsura, M.Cecconi, Sarah Husi, Brigitt Blaser Technicians Lorenz Bohler, Karpi, Daniel Steuri Director, DoP, Editor, Sounddesigner: Rolf Hellat

1.Preis Experimental- und Videofestival Videoex Zürich
Solothurner Filmtage