No I Will!

A film collage about an Indian family searching for the proper formula for “love” and “marriage” while confronted with the rapidly changing culture in India. Payal (26) laments her arranged marriage. Koyal (18), her younger sister, rebels against their parents, searches for a husband on her own at a marriage office and amuses herself in a shopping centre. And Sham Despande criticises the noncommittal approach to relationships in the western culture. The discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages is omnipresent.

Director: Rolf Hellat
Protagonists: Koyal Bhattacharya, Payal, Shupti & Ranjit Bhattacharya, Rocky, Sham Despande,…

Course Work at the Filmschool Zurich, ZhdK, Film Department 2009.
Documentary Price – Alexis Thalberg Foundation.