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8 Froschfätzer

Working on the feature film script „8 Froschfätzer“ – a story about a „Guggenmusik“ examining a membership application of a new drummer.
It is a chamber play that negotiates motive and belief, group dynamics and role behavior, prejudice and manipulation in a humorous and touching way.

I am very happy of having received grants from „Migros Kulturprozent“, „Aargauer Kuratorium“ and „Zürcher Filmstiftung“ so far.

Moodbild - Acht Froschfaetzer - 01

Moodbild - Acht Froschfaetzer - Instrumente in Wiese 04 - lowres

S-Bahn Bern Shoot

We’ve been shooting the commercial for S-Bahn Bern: creating a new interpretation of the „Berner Marsch“ music piece.
spot coming soon…

S-Bahn Bern Shoot

Editing Award „I Ovo Je Beograd“

Rolf wins the Young Talent Editing Award at Filmplus in Köln for the Editing of the Short Documentary „I Ovo Je Beograd“ (Direction: Corina Schwinggruber).

Award for Maximum Boost

Rolf’s short film „Maximum Boost“ wins the Special Jury Price and the Audience Award at the Cinefiesta Film Festival in Puerto Rico.

Antenna DJ – Edi Shortlist

IRF – Antenna DJ („Listen to how the world sounds“) is shortlisted in the Edi – the swiss commercial film festival.

Postfinance Shoot

About to finish the new Postfinance films.

Agency/Conzept Wirz Corporate
Producer Wirzfraefelpaal
DoP Jan Mettler
Sounddesign Jingle Jungle
Editor Michelle von Buol
Director Rolf Hellat

Baggern – Tons of Passion

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-10 um 17.55.56

A short documentary by director Corina Schwingruber Ilic, edited by Rolf Hellat.

“For this job you need to have some diesel fuel or hydraulic oil in your blood, otherwise you can’t do it!”
Dust in their eyes, noise in their ears and passion in the heart! That’s the job of a digger driver working in the demolition business. How diggers become ballerinas and why after all size still matters.

1.Price – Concerto Crasso

„Concerto Crasso“ wins the 1.Price at the Slam-Movie-Night in Bern: Eine Flasche Rum und Ehre (a bottle of rum and glroy)

Concerto Crasso – Edi Short List

„Concerto Crasso“ is shortlisted in the Edi – the swiss commercial film festival.

Award – Concerto Crasso

„Concerto Crasso“ wins the Audience Award at the International Advertising Festival in Ravensburg.